Who we are

Yardstikk is a leading provider of learning solutions and services for academic institutions, companies and governments.

Our company is 15 years old company and having 10 years of experience to conduct examination & assessment processes for several universities , corporates , IT companies , Entrance exam agencies and many more.

Yardstikk provides End-to-End Online Examination Services to help Government Organizations, Corporates and Educational Institutes select candidates based on their specific requirement. Our System is incorporated with accurate and robust service for high stakes and other examinations across India and abroad. It has reduced human errors in processes hence adding to transparency and credibility of the System. The time required for bulk evaluation procedures has been reduced to great extent using the automated processes.

We manage high stakes and critical examinations conducted by various government and examination bodies across the country. Our Services comprise all aspects of Online End-to-End Examination Solutions ranging from the Candidate Registration process to the Test Results Processing. We provide the engine software, resources, test venues, technology and the entire support system throughout the process.

  • Yardstikk is Assessment, Testing & other related service providing company in both governmental as well as private sectors.
  • We offer consulting, test content, delivery and reporting services.
  • We provide advanced & innovative services to leading educational institutions, government organizations and corporate entities.
  • We also offer high levels of reliability, quality and security for consistently delivering large tests. We have a trusted, authenticated and well developed infrastructure.

Our Expertise Includes-

  • Access to innovative technologies - including the world's largest selling assessment management system
  • A network of secure test centers Committed resources with domain expertise
  • We have delivered reliable and valid assessments to education, government and corporate for admissions, recruitment, regulatory and employee assessments.

At Yardstikk, we believe that test content and assessment management is principal to the success of an organization's assessment strategy. Any organization with a recurring test delivery schedule should have greater control and ownership of the assessment delivery process.

You can expect us to deliver customized services to meet all of your specific needs, including hardware, networking, scheduling and registration, test distribution and administration, test taker identity management. From solutions that promote portability to increased security through the use of cameras capture, we have the scope, scale and ability to customize your program to suit your specific needs.