Vocational education prepares students to work in the real world. It aims to develop the practical skills of students, which will helps them pursue jobs in the fields of their interest and also provides different classroom training, where the focus is generally on academics. Yardstikk accomplish to provide services in multiple segments. Rich assessment development capability, widest reach in the country and understanding of skills requirements and talent pool in India has been appreciated by various organizations.


  • Practical Skill:- One of the advantages of vocational training is that it focuses on practical skills that students can put to use in a job immediately.
  • Time Frame:- We can prepare students to enter the workforce more quickly than many academic education programs.
  • Cost:- Vocational training programs tend to be less expensive than longer academic educational programs therefore, they result in considerably less debt and greater freedom with income.
  • Learning Style:- Vocational training focuses on hands-on activities, which can be beneficial for students that prefer active experiences to more passive activities.


  • We are offering end-to-end skill building programmes focusing on improving the employability quotient of aspirants.
  • Partnering with various governments and their agencies to provide skill building programmes for the rural youth.
  • Our ability to support computer based as well as paper based exams makes us a compelling assessing capability for vocational skill bodies.