Coaching centers can strategically provide to the diverse needs of aspirants by availing the Yardstikk exam software applications. Yardstikk is a comprehensive collection of applications that can be seamlessly hosted on the centers / coaching’s website enabling them to allow students to choose the online exam of his/ her choice and practice the same from the comfort of the home or study center.
The software empowers the administrator to custom create and share the tests and also to analyze the submitted results. The outcome of the online test software can be easily evaluated and the results are accurate, reliable, and smoothly accessible.


  • Create online test in a few clicks, add students and publish it.
  • Countdown timer to provide accurate begin and end time.
  • Provides run time exam analysis keeping track of things as and when they happen.
  • Complete performance analysis with questions answered, wrong entries, and other entities.
  • Real-time exam results automatic evaluation saves time.
  • No need of venue students appear online from anywhere.