We have specific test centers for Computer Based and Paper Based examinations. Our test centers are qualified to offer convenience to candidates. Maximum care is taken to ensure the centers are easily accessible. Mandatory Parking facility, adequate sanitary arrangements, sitting area sand locker facility is provided as per customer requirements.

Our test centers are constantly audited to ensure that they are maintained to meet the testing requirements. Quality in terms of security, infrastructure availability for computer based as well as paper based, cleanliness, safety, etc are key considerations while finalizing our test center. We offer our customers the opportunity to extend the tests across the country or region of their preference.

Test Center Infrastructure Services from Yardstikk is an integrated offering that enables organizations to test and validate infrastructure components, thereby reducing the chances of downtime and improving the performance of their IT infrastructure. Our Infrastructure management practice consists of a strong certified team and dedicated resources, which have helped us, gain varied and vast experience. Our dedication and sincerity is clearly visible through our delivery of services.

Yardstikk guarantees high reliability, round-the-clock availability and optimum scalability to the clients with the support of our comprehensive and business-leading portfolio of infrastructure management services. We managed Services help in setting the standard for accountability, reliability and protection.


  • Increased IT infrastructure reliability due to technology-specific automation tools.
  • Reduced cost due to accelerated testing using pre-defined testing libraries.
  • Proactive management of IT infrastructure with guaranteed service level agreements.
  • Enhanced data privacy and integrity.
  • Increased visibility into security, compliance and operational issues.
  • Streamlining security incident .
  • Increased responsiveness, scalability and flexibility.