This is a regular way of examination, in which paper and pen/pencil is being used. We offer tried and tested pen and paper exam services. We understand the importance of processes in administering a secure and time bound exam and hence have given utmost importance to it.

Paper Based Testing Solutions

Question paper and response sheet distribution

Our process ensures that question papers are developed and printed in secure environments and send to the respective test centers on time.

Exam Center Admission

Candidates are validated, verified against the details provided in the admit card and photographs are checked to ensure the details of the test taker before examination begins.

Reverse Logistics

Candidate response sheets are collected, sealed and sent back to the exam control center in a secure manner. We understand the importance of sharing the response sheets on time to facilitate on-schedule and accurate results processing.

Biometric Capture and Authentication

Validation of candidate is done using Biometric Capturing and authentication. Biometric authentication systems compare the current biometric data capture to stored, confirmed authentic data in a database. If both samples of the biometric data match, authentication is confirmed and access is granted.

Type of biometric authentication:-

  • Retina scan
  • Iris Recognition
  • Finger scanning
  • Finger Vein ID
  • Facial Reorganization
  • Voice Identification

Test Administration and Proctoring

We understands the importance of following the core tenets of exams. Our trained and certified administrators maintain time and ensure malpractices are curbed. The administrators also offer all necessary clarifications to candidates with respect to the rules and regulations of the test.

Result Processing

We use high quality and high speed scanners for processing results. These scores are then reconciled and undergo multiple checks before they are published.


  • Large pool of trained and certified test administers.
  • Wide experience of administering various tests of high stake and repute across many locations.
  • Flexibility to the client to avail services as per their requirement, which may be Pre exam services, exam administration services and result processing services.