Computer-based testing (CBT)

Computer-based testing (CBT) is a simple and better way to offer the test. It allows testing centers to offer a more consistent test delivery, faster scoring and reporting, and upgrade test security.

We have supported large and prominent assessment transform from Paper mode of delivery to Computer Based Tests (CBT). We provide end to end support for computer based exams from application processing to result processing. We have powerful assessment management process that has helped deliver exams across the country. Through this testing we can conduct several tests anywhere in one day.



  • It provides the state of connectivity.
  • It is an unparallel and comprehensive testing and assessment mode that is able to create the exact exam environment.
  • In this mode questions are generated randomly and we can review questions and mark them later and also can change the answers.


  • Offline mode indicates a disconnected state.
  • Offline mode enables the Institutes, Companies, Universities and other organizations to conduct unlimited tests for unlimited students at their centers without any internet connectivity.
  • Offline questions are safer to attempt, as it does not have any technical issues.
    • In this mode question are not generated randomly.
  • We can review question and mark or change answer.
  • It is best suited for the organizations conducting large number of examinations.
  • In this mode also, results can be declared immediately.
    • Does not require any power back facility to carry on the exam.


  • It is basically web browser based model.
  • Application is loaded on the server whose location may or may not be known and no exe is installed on the client machine.
  • It is convenient and flexible.
  • It is having user friendly interface.
  • It has better security as tester don’t have that much control over the application.


Nowadays Computer based testing (CBT) is very popular and very efficient. Considering the advantages of using Computer based testing, Yardstikk has developed its expertise in supporting administration of various competitive, recruitment, training examinations in the computer based mode.

Many universities, recruitment assessment, Government departments, Corporates, School have leveraged through our software.

Some of the benefits of leveraging technology in examinations include :

  • Raise prominence of examination body by using Computer Based Test (CBT) technologies.
  • Elimination of human error.
  • 100% security in overall assessment process : Zero paper leaks, Zero Fraud
  • 100% pellucidity and review trail addressing RTI and any other guidance

Computer Based Testing (CBT) is a very convenient process for test taker. It is also convenient for Test Booking, Admit Card Generation, Quick Result Processing and Communication. It has a Powerful technology improvement , understanding of examination scheme and experience of delivering tests across the country has allowed Yardstikk to appreciate the nuances of executing a Computer Based Assessment. The key features / benefits of yardstick being:

  • Convenience
    Yardstikk Computer Based Assessment processes have undergone the test of time and has proved to be successful in growing convenience to all participant. Extremely Highly Available Online Application, Convenient Test Booking and Admit Card Generation, Quick Result Processing and Communication has offered highly convenient experience to the participant.
  • Multi-Batch Assessment Capacity
    The best operations of huge examinations is to administer it in multiple days and batches. This makes the assessment skill robust and help you manage contingencies.
  • Deployment
    Yardstikk has the ability to deploy tests in any form – distributed or centralized. The model is decided in consultation with the assessment body and the difficulty of the exam. A typical assessment passing remote locations are administered in distributed mode due to security, availability and scalability requirements.